Dear dealers and sales associates

First of all, IZI Home Vietnam Joint Stock Company would like to thank the agent for cooperating with the product development company. In order for the cooperation to be better, the Company sends to the Agent the policy and benefits when cooperating with the Company as follows:



   1. About the product

– Agents will be supported 10 Catalogs and 1 Standee to introduce products at the store to help agents easily approach and advise customers.
– Agents will be provided with a set of portable models to introduce products. Sample exhibits at the showroom store contact if needed.
– Continuously update new products for agents as well as additional preferential policies to customers.
– Provincial agents are supported to sell products when having provincial customers buy products on Fanpage or the company’s website.
– For remote areas, IZI Home helps to pack products carefully, be sure to follow each package, take photos before and after sending them to compare the goods to agents, to avoid the loss of transportation
 2. About Marketing
– IZI Home will provide advertising materials such as leaflets, booklets, standees … related to products to support sales consultancy.
– Introduce the customer to the agent if the customer is in the agent’s business area.
– Support agents with a number of popular sales channels, beautiful product image materials, actual construction images, customer feedback videos to increase product reliability.
– Post information of agents on fanpage, website of IZI Home Company.
– Write a product introduction article, introduce the company – agent’s store on the Company’s website.
 3. Educate
– Trained in product knowledge, sales skills as well as product installation techniques for agents through direct or indirect video instruction, ebook, direct exchange via Zalo => depending on the area Agency’s business area.
– Instructions, advice on how to do marketing, how to find potential customers, how to run ads on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, website, Fan Page ……..
 4. Warranty & Returns
– IZI Home accepts to recover and refund 100% of smart drying products provided that the goods are in stock, in original condition, not used or displayed. Agents only bear shipping fees.
– For screen door products, the IZI HOME reclaims 70% of the product value with the condition that the goods are in the original, unused, unused. Agents bear shipping fees
– Product is warranted for 1 year free at the warranty center of IZI Home. Agents bear shipping costs.
– IZI Home always has the best preferential policies, HIGH ROSE for agents and sales collaborators.
=> Call 094.667.6600 right away for % commission

-The preferential price only applies when purchasing 5 or more products (Can buy multiple types combined)
-The price does not include 10% VAT (if you want to export VAT, then add 10%)
-IZI Home does not fix product selling prices, agents have the right to decide the selling price to customers.
-Price is quoted with 2 types:
+ Package price of construction, installation for customers, all warranty and repair issues, IZI Home will be responsible, agent receiving commission discount
+ Product prices at the factory, excluding transportation, installation, all warranty and repair issues, agents will actively work with customers.
– For agents in the province pay 30% when ordering, then pay the remaining 70% when finished production. IZI Home will deliver the goods to the Agent right after receiving the money.
– For agents in Ho Chi Minh, pay 30% when ordering, then pay the remaining 70% when receiving goods.
– For Collaborators: Pay commissions to collaborators in every order or by month. Online order management ensures transparency, accuracy and regular updates
– Payment method: Cash, bank transfer or COD (receive new paid goods).

Best regards

IZI Home Vietnam

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