Not only providing products with mosquito net, smart drying racks, genuine balcony safety net, IZI Home always gives customers the most convenient services.

Delivery policy

  • To create convenience and meet the motto of serving customers in the best way wherever they are. IZI Home always supports national shipping costs.
  • Subjects of application: All customers buy products branded IZI Home.
  • Scope of application: The whole territory of Vietnam

Installation policy

  • All products of IZI Home have a catalog of installation instructions attached so that customers can install easily, in case customers do not have time to install our technicians, they are ready serve
  • Free installation service in Ho Chi Minh City within a radius of 20km: Includes transportation, installation and consulting costs for product use
  • Out-of-charge installation services in Ho Chi Minh City: depending on the installation area, geographical distance that IZI Home has different installation rates. IZI Home always has special preferential policies when customers buy products bearing IZI Home brand.

During the installation process, some of the following cases will have additional charges:
Intelligent drying rigs: The ceiling, where to install drying rigs is gypsum ceiling, have to collect extra cost (auxiliary rigs). Staff will measure and quote directly with customers. Customers agree to proceed with construction. Surcharge price from 200,000 VND to 300,000 VND.

  • Mosquito net door: must add aluminum, add mesh.
  • Balcony safety net: When the balcony is not solid, it is possible to install more anti-trees

During the installation process, some of the following cases will not charge additional fees:

  • Mosquito net door: paste silicone glue, crease cover glass slits.
  • Balcony safety net: go with a rope between 1.7m or more in height


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