– Create peace of mind and ensure the best interests for customers shopping at IZI Home.
– Bring to customers the quality products, attentive, fast and convenient customer service and dedicated and professional service style.
– Subjects of application: All Customers buy goods at IZI Home
– Applicable area: Nationwide.
Conditions for applying product exchange policy:
– Products sold by IZI Home.
– Product with technical error is confirmed by Manufacturer / Supplier.
– Time to change products within thirty (30) days from the date of sales invoice of IZI Home
– Products are full of boxes, accessories, sales invoices, warranty cards …
– The name, serial number and size of the product must match the information on the invoice.
– The product must remain intact the Manufacturer seal.
In case of not exchanging products:
– The products do not fully meet the “Conditions for applying the product change policy” mentioned above.
– Products damaged by natural disasters, fires, floods, lightning strikes, insects, invading animals.
– Products are deformed, cracked, damaged … due to external impacts.
– Products are installed, maintained, improperly used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
– The product is changed or repaired by a technician not belonging to the Authorized Warranty Service Center of the Manufacturer.
Product exchange policy:
– Implementing a one-way policy: changing products of the same model, same color, …
– Not applicable for returns and refunds of products.
– In case there is no product to exchange, the customer is changed to another product of the same type and has a value equal to or greater than the original product value. If the value of the new product is higher than the original product value, the customer pays the difference value.
– In case of product failure, product exchange, not exchanging parts with the product.
– In case the accessory comes with a defective product, just change the accessory.
– All products branded IZI Home are stamped with warranty. In case of damage to the product during warranty period, “Warranty Policy of IZI Home” is warranted or replaced free of charge. In case of damage due to user error, natural disaster or flood, due to external impacts IZI Home supports replacement or repair with a fee.
– In case the product is fake fake goods of poor quality, not genuine goods. IZI Home is not responsible for product warranty when damage occurs.
– Product warranty period within 24 hours from the customer notice (except Sundays and holidays, Tet).
– IZI Home warranty is in place, if the product is installed by IZI Home staff. In case of IZI Home products are installed by agents or installed by customers. IZI Home will guarantee the product at the warranty center of IZI Home
This return policy is effective from August 6, 2018. All changes are subject to new notice