As one of the long-term enterprises operating in the field of supplying and distributing intelligent drying rigs, mosquito nets, balcony safety nets, izi home Vietnam joint stock company, pledges to sell policies and Quality policy with products is provided as follows:
– All goods have clear, transparent, genuine origins from manufacturers and importers.
– Absolutely do not sell fake goods, counterfeit goods, poor quality goods.
– Refund 100% of the value of goods sold if the goods sold are not committed and wrongly originated (excluding transportation and return).
– Goods sold are warranted according to manufacturer’s standards. Products are sold at competitive prices, priced lower or equal to the price specified by the manufacturer. IZI Home is committed to selling the right price – right quality.
– To ensure full purchase benefits, please provide a full range of personal and contact information. We are not responsible if the information is missing leading to delivery failure, misplacement or slower than specified time.
Service attitude: Be honest with customers, serve with the most heart and respect. If the customer encounters any dissatisfaction due to staff attitude please call directly to the Sales Manager: Ms. Thao 094 667 6600, Email:
– Customers will often benefit from discounts, promotions of the company as well as discounts and promotions of suppliers. Commit to award prizes and promotions according to regulations.
– Sales policy and product quality at
For the sustainable development of the company, we are committed to making customers the highest satisfaction. If you have any suggestions to help us improve our sales service, please contact the company at the following address:
Address: 86A Street No. 79, Ward Tan Quy, District 7, HCMC
Phone: 094 667 6600